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Canada Goose is extreme weather outerwear which has been made in Canada since 1957. In recent years, Canada Goose has become a fashionable street wear label and it is sold in stores such as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Net-a-porter/Mr Porter. This is my Canada Goose Review.

While Canada Goose might have become a cool label to wear in the last few years, they have not compromised their extreme weather standards to fit in with less extreme climates. Make no mistake, Canada Goose is extreme weather wear and I don’t mean British Winters!

Last Winter, my boyfriend keep telling me about how much he wanted to buy some Canada Goose. He was obsessed with the idea of the Arctic Parka, which is apparently so warm, that if you wear it at room temperatures it can make you drip with sweat. He resisted the temptation to buy himself a piece of Canada Goose last year, but this Winter, he took the plunge and bought himself the gilet. We got it from Harvey Nichols, as they have the best selection of menswear in London.

So, what can I say about Canada Goose? Well, first of all, it is warm just as you would expect. It is a really pleasant, toasty warm, rather than a hot, sweaty, polyester warm (I’m not crazy, there is a difference!). It is also really comfortable to wear and it is surprisingly light in weight. It looks good and for something so warm, it is really not bulky. During this recent cold spell, he has been wearing just a shirt and his Canada Goose gilet and felt warm enough. He loves the way it keeps his core warm, but it is not too overpowering when he is walking around and getting on and off tubes.

I have noticed that in quite a few stores, Canada Goose is selling out fast, many lines are out of stock and it seems to be selling as quick as they restocked. I can see why, it’s good! I’m
Super tempted for a jacket myself! However, one thing I would say, is that it is extremely warm. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s warmer than any other coat you have probably ever had (including ski jackets) as it is made for extreme weather conditions. Think twice before you buy the parkas, instead, try a few different jackets and coats on in-store, walk around, zip it up and really consider if it is suitable for you and the local weather. My boyfriend finds the gilet gives his as much warmth as a regular jacket and he felt the parka would be *too* warm for him. Basically, Canada Goose is brilliant, it’s high quality, stylish and super warm, just be careful it’s not too warm for the UK (or less cold countries!) it’s basically too good!!! Oh, and since he got this gilet, he had not worn any other jacket or coat, he loves it!

Are you tempted to buy Canada Goose?

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